Naval combat Course

The weather cleared up right in time for NCC. It was hot for the runners who probably found, the obstacle where they paddel rubber boats, refreshing. The supporters were in a really good mood and enjoyed themselfs with cheering, dancing and running alongside their countrymen on the final sprint.

Under "competitions" you can find the rules and execution of NCC and also the resoults for today's event.


NOCA volleyball tournament

We're at what's to be considered one of the most prestigeful events at Noca. The volleyball tournament!

After a intense practice and warm up session the tournament started off with Sweden vs Norway and Finland vs Denmark.

As always the Norweigians show the rest of the countries how to properly support your athletes. They had flags, wigs, pom-poms, bells, music, mascots, cheering and drums!

After three fierce rounds the score was settled. The Norweigians won the tournament with only one lost set.


Nordic cadetmeeting swimming Ystad 2015

Early on Friday morning, from cadets to admirals gathered in Ystad Arena to make up the 5 x 75 m life-saving, 10 x 50 m relay swimming and last but not the least the prestigious 4 x 25m Old Boys relay swimming.

The crowd was excited to see if last year's winner who is also the favorite Denmark would take home the victory again this year. Or would the host country get revenge and not take a bottom position again this year.