Cross country run

General regulations:

  1. The course shall be approx. 4 km. Held on a mix of grass, gravel and concrete (not only concrete).
  2. Each nation must participate with one team consisting of a minimum of 10 athletes.
  3. Their times are summed up.
  4. Mass start.
  5. The track may consist of up to four laps.
  6. Females receive a 15% corrections in their times (can be solved by starting them 2 min prior to males).
  7. The athletes wear their national colours.
  8. Starting tracks are drawn at sports officers meeting.

Reference to regulations:

International regulations for cross country running.


The nation with the lowest total time is the winner. If the times are equal, the school with the best individual time wins, then the second best etc.

The winning nation receives 4 points. The second best receives 3 points etc.


Country Comment Points
Sweden 3
Norway 4
Finland 1
Denmark 2