Welcome to Kalmar


It’s a great pleasure and honor for us to welcome all the participants of the 2019 Nordic Cadet Meeting to Kalmar!

Kalmar is a Baltic coastal city in the southeast corner of Sweden. With close to 69 000 inhabitants the city is the capital of Kalmar County and the regional center for public administration, business, culture and environmentally sustainable innovations. We are also home of the Linnaeus University. During the last three years we have grown with 3000 persons making us the fastest growing city in the region and one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden.

Kalmar is a modern city, a meeting place, full of contrasts offering a wide variety of experiences.Wherever you go, you can feel the echoes of history. Historic structures, cobblestone streets and lovely parks give the city charm and character. Many of the old buildings host a broad range of restaurants, pubs, charming shops and galleries well worth a visit!

When in Kalmar, you will feel close to the sea as we are surrounded by water. The city centre itself, Kvarnholmen, is situated on its own island. In how many cities can you go swimming at the end of the main street or find a guest harbour in the very centre of town?

We are proud of our history, our presence and we are looking at a bright future! Welcome to Kalmar.

Enjoy your stay!
Johan Persson Mayor City of Kalmar