1. All teams will play against each other – order of matches is determined by drawing lots at the sports officers meeting.


  2. Every team will play against each other.
  3. The height of the net during competition shell be 2.35 m.
  4. Order of matches is determined by drawing lots.
  5. Ranging will be found by:
    1. Highest number of points.
    2. Mutual match.
    3. Difference in sets.
    4. Ball difference.
    5. Most ballpoints.
  6. Winning nation will receive 4 points, 2nd place will receive 3 points and so on.
  7. In each match, there will be played best of three sets (two sets of 25 points and if necessary, a third set of 15 point – running score).
  8. International volleyball rules.
    International volleyball rules


Country Comment Points
Denmark 1
Finland 2
Norway 4
Sweden 3