Naval combat course

General regulations:

The cadets form a national team consisting of four team members.

The competition consists of 6 heats, one athlete from each nation per. heat.

Times are summed up.

The athletes wear their national colours.

Division of the lanes is to be drawn at the sports officers meeting.

It is mandatory for the athletes to carry the rifle at all time during the race.


The event is accomplished on a cross-country or similar course that is approximately 2.5 km in length.

Females receive a 15% corrections in their times.

The course will contain the following obstacles / disciplines:

  • paddling
  • hand grenade throwing
  • rope pulling
  • shooting

The obstacles/disciplines are separated by approx. 600m running.

The host nation decides the order of the obstacles/disciplines.

Paddling obstacle:

The paddling obstacle will contain the following elements:

  • distance 50-100m
  • life-vests provided by the host nation
  • releasing the shackles and bring it ashore (one shackle per
  • boat/athlete)
  • penalties: 100m penalty lap for lost shackle


Hand grenade throwing:

The hand grenade throwing will contain the following elements:

  • one single ring or square target (approximately 2*2 metres) the distance to the targets shall be 25 m for male and 15 m for female competitors
  • six grenades
  • a touch of the thrown grenade in the ring counts as a hit
  • penalties: 100m penalty lap if no hits.


Rope pulling:

The rope pulling consist of following elements:

  • The rope must be pulled 10 m over the ground
  • The rope must have a circumference between 100 and 125 mm.
  • The weight should be around 40 kg.
  • The weight and all of the rope must pass the target line.


Shooting (air-rifle):

The shooting (air-rifle) discipline will contain the following elements:

  • each team shoots with the host nations’ rifles. Every nation shall be able to train with the guns upon arrival
  • 5 targets distance and 7 bullets: 10 metres
  • target system are balloons, falling targets or similar.
  • shooting position (stance) is optional
  • penalties: 50 m penalty lap for every missed target


Reference to regulations:

Nordic Regulations for Naval Pentathlon and Naval Triathlon.


The team with the lowest total time is the winner. The winning nation receives 4 points. The second best receives 3 points etc.


Country Comment Points
Sweden 4
Denmark 1
Finland 2
Norway 3