Tug of war

General regulations

  1. Every team will play against each other.
  2. The competition is carried out in accordance with the international TUG of War International Federation (TWIF). International Tug of war rules
  3. Order of matches is determined by drawing lots at the sports officers meeting
  4. Ground marking will consist of 3 parallel lines 4 meters apart. At the commencement of each pull, after the strain has been taken, the umpire will tie a marker around the rope directly above the middle ground line. A team will win a pull, when the marker around the rope has crossed the outer ground line nearest the team.
  5. Any kind of military boots can be used. No studs or spikes are allowed.
  6. No indents may be dug in the ground prior to the order “pull”
  7. Each match consists of 3 pulls. The team winning 2 pulls is the winner. Team change ends after each pull
  8. Pulling direction for the first pull will be decided by lot
  9. The rope shall not be less than 32 meters long and shall be approximately 10 centimetres in circumference.
  10. The following orders will be used to start each pull:
  • “PULL”

11. Any queries or disputes will be settled by the umpire whose decision is final

12. Nations flag should be used to mark the pulling tracks

13. The teams must wear national colours

14. A team consist of 11 people, 1 team captain, 8 pulling athletes and 2 substitutes. Substitutes may only enter the pulling team if an athlete is injured.


  • Ranging will be found by:
    • Highest number of points
    • Mutual match
  • The winning nation receives 4 points. The second best receives 3 points etc.


Country Comment Points
Sweden 1
Norway 3
Finland 2
Denmark 4