Welcome to NOCA 2019

It is a great honour for me, as the Director of the Swedish Naval Warfare Centre, to welcome you all to Kalmar and NOCA 2019.

In 1948 the first Nordic Cadet Meeting was held in Lysekil, Sweden. The main purpose of the meeting at that time was to let the Nordic cadets meet colleagues from their neighbouring countries and under friendly and informal conditions get to know each other both as friends and as professionals. That idea is still valid.

Nordic relations have always been important and relations between the Armed Forces of our nations have strengthened over the last years.

By meeting and participating in this kind of event we create prerequisites for successful cooperation between the Armed Forces of our nations.

NOCA  is a perfect opportunity and a good starting point to lay the foundation, not only for professional cooperation between our nations, but also for personal development.

I hope that we all will learn from each other and through the sport competitions, seminars and social events will make new friends.


Magnus Jönsson
Director Swedish Naval Warfare Centre